BOS Narrows Commercial Tax Shift

On Monday, November 14, the Auburn Board of Selectmen continued their efforts toward a single residential/commercial tax rate in town. The Board voted to move the tax shift from 1.15 to 1.12, further edging toward a single tax rate. Auburn remains one of the few towns in Massachusetts  – and the only town in Central Mass other than Worcester  – that still adheres to a split tax rate for residential and commercial taxpayers. Behind the advocacy of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Selectmen have been gradually reducing this “shift” with the ultimate goal of eliminating this dual rate.

The Chamber thanks all of its members for supporting this effort, and especially those who attend the annual tax classification hearing to voice their support.

Said Auburn Chamber President Kerri Cunningham in a statement, “This is great news for the present and future business in Auburn.  We are inching closer to a single tax rate which is what all parties last night were hoping for in the future.”

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