Selectboard holds tax split steady for this year

On November 8 the Auburn Board of Selectman voted on the 2022 fiscal tax rate. They voted to keep the tax rate at 1.15. This Board does see the value in having a single tax rate, but this year they felt it was not the right time to shift at all.

We wanted to thank those who came out or sent a letter in support of lowering the tax rate:

Aimtek, Inc
Capitol Siding & Home Improvement
Chuck’s Steak House
Fuller’s Automotive
Holiday Inn Express
Matteo Gentile – Exit Beacon Pointe Realty
Webster 5

We appreciate you taking the time to tell your stories and why you call Auburn home.

We are asking the Auburn business community to reach out and thank the Board of Selectman for all their efforts as they continue their work to make Auburn a place to live, work and play.
Emails for the Board of Selectmen:

Tristan LaLiberte, Chair:
Scott Wrenn, Vice-Chair:
Daniel Carpenter:
Lionel Berthiaume:
Sara K. Rufli:
Phone: (508) 832-7720

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