The Town of Auburn has been actively conducting planning initiatives to create a stronger design identity and a sense of community in Drury Square, a commercial district located at the intersection of Auburn and Southbridge Streets and surrounded by residential neighborhoods. Drury Square has a rich history and any changes will be sensitive to the character of Auburn.

The Town of Auburn received a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development and its Downtown Initiative to conduct a study on Drury Square. Utilizing these grant funds, Harriman Associates published “Planning Vision and Design Guidelines for Drury Square” in February of 2017 that incorporated extensive public input. Additionally, Drury Square has been identified in the Economic Development Plan, Master Plan and Housing Plan as a key area of strategic development. Following those reports Town Administration with the help of CMRPC has been working diligently to implement various goals and strategies. 

All studies and reports can be reviewed on under Planning Initiatives:

Town Administration, CMRPC and the Zoning Bylaw Review Committee drafted a new Village Center Zoning bylaw for the Drury Square area. The Public Meeting on September 26th at 6:30pm in the High School Presentation Room will review the proposed bylaw and provide opportunities for public feedback and collaboration. This bylaw is a part of a long range planning effort to create a more walkable district with mixed use development including retail, office, service and residential use Town Administration and CMRPC welcomes public input and encourages attendance if possible.

For questions please contact Matt Benoit, Town Planner, at or Elizabeth Wood, CMRPC planner, at