On November 8 the Town of Auburn will be voting on the 2022 fiscal tax rate. The town currently has a dual tax rate. As we are still transitioning from COVID we can acknowledge small businesses took the brunt of an unprecedented economic hardship and recovering is slow. According to McKinsey & Company in July 2020, “If the economic recovery from COVID-19 is muted (one of two scenarios executives view as most likely), some industries will take years to get back to their prepandemic normal. Many in those industries are small businesses, and their recovery may take even longer, if at all.”

Each year the town sets tax rates for both residential and commercial/industrial property owners. The greatest impact on the decisions of the Board of Selectmen comes from them hearing your company’s story. It is your narrative and telling them the direct impact their choice has on your business and, even more importantly, your ability to contribute to the community that makes the greatest difference.

Our Unified Message

We must tell the selectman that the Auburn business community wants to work alongside the residents of Auburn. Your company is not trying to get out of paying your fair share in taxes. We need to reiterate to the town that minimum wage has increased, businesses still had to pay rent during the pandemic, even when they may have been forced to shut down. Finding workers has been a challenge and shifts are harder to cover, and some businesses are opening and closing earlier or later due to the lack of workers.

We are asking that you please contact the members of the Auburn Board of Selectmen and share with them your story. Additionally, we ask that you explain how their past efforts to narrow the gap between residential and business rates foster a climate of investment and community involvement. Please share how your business gives back to the community whether you sponsor a little league team, a show, Fire Department and/or Police and with the new laws regarding minimum wage and paid medical leave, the tax rate burden needs to be shared with businesses and residents alike.

Email Elected Selectmen

Tristan LaLiberte, Chair: tlaliberte@town.auburn.ma.us
Scott Wrenn, Vice-Chair: swrenn@town.auburn.ma.us
Daniel Carpenter: dcarpenter@town.auburn.ma.us
Lionel Berthiaume: lberthiaume@town.auburn.ma.us
Sara K. Rufli: srufli@town.auburn.ma.us
Phone: (508) 832-7720

Attend the Hearing

The Chamber is asking that members attend the tax classification hearing on Tuesday, November 8 , 2021 at 7 pm in the Auburn Town Hall Meeting Room, 104 Central Street, Auburn, MA.
Email Virginia K. Murphy if you are able to attend and/or have any questions vmurphy@worcesterchamber.org .